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Having grown avocados, citrus, custard apples, sugar cane and many other crops since 1984, we have a growers knowledge of what works and what doesn't work on a variety of soil types.  We all know that keeping your trees in a maximum state of heath is an ongoing project - no matter if deficiencies are weather related, seasonal, or deficiencies in nutrition and soil health because of your budget.  We are trying to make it easier for our customers to afford the best products at the lowest price and share practical experience between all of us.  We are constantly learning.

A short description of some of the products we use on our orchards, that you can purchase through us:

Potassium Silicate AgSil 32
20 21% - SiO2 32%)

Description – AgSil potassium silicate provides an available silicate to your plants which improves strength, health and vigour and stimulates photosynthesis, carbohydrate production and increased root growth.  Shown to reduce the effects of Phytophthora in avocados and increase boron uptake.

Available in 20L, 200L and 1000L

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Gypsum (Sulphur 17-18%, Calcium 22-25%)                                                            

Descriptions - Calcium Sulphate mineral, CaSO42H2O, a very soft mineral used in agriculture since 1797, to increase yields, increase drought tolerance, reclaim sodic and high ph soils, flocculate clays to improve soil structure, ameliorates soil toxicity with exchangeable Ca, and provides Ca and S.

Available in fine powder, fine milled, 6mm screened and more, from $90 per tonne delivered.

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Premium Organic Humates (57% Organic Matter, 28.9% Organic Carbon)

Description – Natural raw mined humates WILL make an improvement to your soil as a premier source of organic matter.  Brown coal humates are a powerful biological stimulate which increase the carbon building capacity of your soil and improves fertiliser efficiency and stability.  Humates are useful to reduce pest pressure, frost protection by increasing plant sugars, sodium management and more.

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Application and Information

Soft Rock Phosphates:

Description – Natural Organic Phosphatic fertiliser and soil conditioner composed of ancient coral, sea bird skeletons and droppings, fish and seaweed; citrate soluble 9% Phosphorus, 19% Calcium, 15-26% Silica and 2% Iron in a natural organic product for fast AND slow release.

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Description – Natural Sugar Cane Molasses recommended for enhancing the growth of beneficial microbial enzymatic activity and is a carbon source when applied through fertigation.  This microbial activity then assists in feeding the fungi which in turn feeds the tree.  Reduces damage to roots caused by root parasites, stimulates quick microbial decay, increases yields, and is used as a phytochelate when applied to foliage.  Assists with nitrogen uptake/release in the soil by altering the C/N ration via soil microbiota.  Often applied at 1.5Litres/h.a. every 2-3 weeks.   

Fish Emulsion (Hydroslate):

Description – Natural Organic Fish Hydroslate made from ground and enzyme dissolved (not cooked down) fresh Tuna in a 100% pure hydrolysis liquid suitable for fertigation.  Applied in spring or autumn to supply a wide spectrum of nutrients and trace elements which work to increase soil fertility by encouraging soil biology growth.  Healthy soil biology fixes nitrogen and is beneficial in growing soil fungi, feeding the soil which in turn will feed the plant.

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