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Working with you to achieve a good return, healthy trees and a future plan for orchard development and maximizing yield.

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About Our Management

The management and consultants at Prime Orchards together with our support staff are experienced and long time agribusiness managers, advisors and employees.  The consultants are leaders in their field of expertise, be it agronomy, pruning, or hydraulic irrigation specialists, with many of these experts recognized around the industry as leaders in their field.

Leading the management team is Jim Carney, who is a longtime avocado orchardist. Jim owns and manages 26,000 avocado trees on 500 acres in Childers, Farnsfield and Kumbia over a 3 hours drive to reach each property.  Since he and his wife Lois established Settlers Plantation avocado, custard apple and kiwi fruit orchards in Baldivis, Western Australia in 1984, Jim has established or owned 6 avocado orchards and three packing sheds.     Additionally, Jim consulted for other growers and did seasonal management as a viticulturist for a nearby commercial vineyard.  

Jim operated an arboreal consulting and tree moving business (Save-A-Tree) with a truck mounted tree spade, moving hundreds of citrus, avocado, palms and other trees for local shires, orchardists and others. This afforded Jim the opportunity to learn from below the ground the structure and intricacies of growing avocados from a roots up perspective.  Jim was active on the board of the Western Australia Avocado Growers Association, barracking for higher quality and better handling of avocados and was Vice President the late 80's.

Jim has provided agribusiness consulting for small growers and large agribusiness companies and consortium's assisting orchardist to achieve maximum yields and healthy trees with a plan for the future. 

Jim is also the managing director of SuperPak Group Pty Ltd in Childers, one of the largest avocado packing operation in Australia, with 2 million trays capacity.  This is a newer modern facility with extensive labour saving measures and world recognized accreditation to handle avocados and other fruits, at substantial savings to growers over competing packing facilities.   For more information please visit and see how you can receive a FREE consultation as a SuperPak customer valued at $350.

Also with Prime Orchards we have Eric Carney who is our field researcher and consultant with a growing and handling perspective.  Having handled, packed and cold chain managed hundreds of thousands of trays of avocados, he has extensive knowledge to assist with the end product to the shelf.  Having grown avocados, citrus, cut flowers, and other crops on the Sunshine Coast and Childers, he is able to provide knowledgeable input and auditing skills to growers and industry.


About our Company



We are taking expressions of interest from qualified cherry picker operators and leading hands for positions which are scheduled to start in March for work in the Childers area.  If interested and available, please email a note to us at address below and we will contact you with more details soon.  An Employment Application is also available for download if requested to fill out for our consideration.

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