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Working with you to achieve a good return, healthy trees and a future plan for orchard development and maximizing yield.

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Harvest Management
Optimal Fertilisation
Canopy Management
Labour Costs
Equipment Utilisation 
Disease Management
Water Needs and Licensing

Irrigation Design
Tree Yields and Projections
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About Prime Orchards Pty Ltd

One aspect of Prime Orchards is an Agribusiness Management and Consulting Company which acts on projects as a consultant to provide advisory work in mergers and acquisition as well as commercial and horticultural operations. Prime Orchards undertakes short term or long term management of orchard operations in Queensland and New South Wales and deliver a commercially robust and sound business strategy based on knowledge, practical capability and professionalism.   Jim Carney is the Managing Director of this Queensland company, and these services are currently contracted to Costa Avocados exclusively.

Prime Orchards Management also oversee investments in the Australian Film Industry, Construction Companies and Construction Projects, Commercial and Industrial Developments and Holdings, and various other oversight and investment projects in Australia.

Involved In:

Construction Services
Australian Film Industry
Commercial Development
Commercial Holdings
Industrial Development
Industrial Holdings
Orchard Development
Orchard Holdings

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